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With hundreds of 5-star reviews, the Airport Transit Guide often saves travelers many times the price of the app on its first use. Its purpose is to help you sift through all your transit options to choose the one that will save you time, or money, or often both.


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For almost 30 years, Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide was a bestselling published guide book, used extensively by travel agents, corporate travel managers, leading airlines, AAA, American Express, and thousands of savvy travelers. Now, all that information — found nowhere else in one place — is contained in an easy-to-use app for iPhone/iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. No data plan is necessary, so you can use it on the plane or as you travel internationally, but website and click-to-call numbers are available as well.

Airport Transit Guide

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The Airport Transit Guide lets you travel like a local. Quickly find and compare all of your transit options for getting from the airport to your destination as quickly and cheaply as possible: Taxis, buses, shuttles and limos and private-car services, trains and trams, ferries, and helicopters, plus parking rates and car rentals. The guide gives you prices, schedules, travel times, tipping advice, safety alerts, and more to get you where you need to go.

Salk International's Airport Transit Guide

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The Airport Transit Guide covers transit options for more than 460 airports worldwide. We rely on a network of travel professionals, and travelers like you, to provide updates and feedback to ensure that our information is as accurate as possible. There is no other guide like the Airport Transit Guide, and that is why highly regarded aviation authority and blogger Joe Brancatelli (“JoeSentMe”) said our guide is “An absolutely essential app that improves the quality of life on the road…the bible for travelers…It will save them dollars from day one, as it has for me.”

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“To untangle the alternatives and stay within your budget, use Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide…”


“We’ve found Salk’s Airport Transit Guide especially helpful over the years.” –Arthur Frommer



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“Highly recommended for all travelers…It will save them dollars from day one, as it has for me.”